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Briland • Aura
Color your house - Indoors.
Wall paints.
Ceiling paints.
Primers, door paints...
Briland • Aura
Color your building - Exterior.
Exterior paints.
Primers, Coatings...
Syntethic Paints.
Syntethic, Flat, Semi-Gloss, Primer...
Industrial Paints.
Industrial, Polyurethane, Epoxy...
Varnish, Preservative, Glaze...
Insulation and Supplies.
Insulation and Supplies.

We speak the language of colors, coloring your world with our products.

We work to protect each color of our colorful world. We respect the nature, and we manufacture enviroment friendly products.

We value your health, and we produce healthy products that you can safely use.

Kardelen Boya ve Kimya San. Ltd. Şti.

ASO 2-3 Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2036 Cadde No:7 Sincan / ANKARA

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