Message From the CEO

We are here to liven up your life.

Production is a human nature emotion. It is essential that production be done in a way that will benefit the national economy, individuals in terms of employment and finally all humanity. We, as Kardelen Co., have set out with a benefit-centered production approach since the first day of our establishment. In this way, honesty and quality have always accompanied our development principle. The changes and transformations experienced both in the world and in our country are followed closely and our development always continues. Restructuring and technological developments are followed by our R&D team. They integrates the development methods with the data they reach by their researchs into our business field. The responsibility of our team for their work comes from the awareness of being a family. As Kardelen family, we are aware that reaching a productive future that we develop together, is only possible with this approach. We continue on our way by preserving our strong and dynamic structure. In addition to being the leader in the paints and coatings for construction and industry, we also aim to be a pioneer. We maintain adding value to our country by achieving a great success both national and international level.

It is our main duty to ensure that our customers, for whom we are responsible, can reach high quality products in reliable and suitable means. Every member of Kardelen family carries this awareness.

Since the day we were founded, we are always working for the better. We believe and know that this understanding with our entire team will carry on.

It is an honor for us to work for offering you a more colorful world.