About Us

Kardelen Paint & Chemistry

Inspired by endless colors and hues of the world, we started paint production under the brand name of “Kardelen” in 1996. Passionate about livening up our environment, we chosed paints to show the way of life.

We produce construction and industrial paints including interior and exterior paints, synthetic paints, furniture and wood paints, industrial paints, epoxy paints, acrylic and poliurethane paints and supplementary products. We carefully create our formulas according to their usage areas and the unique requirements of the paint craft.

As Kardelen Paint family, today, we have a production capacity of 25 thousand tons per year. With more than 10 thousand formulations in our wide product range, which continuously developed since the day one, we bring the colors in your dreams into your lives. Being aware of our responsibility for people, living beings and nature, we produce health and environment friendly, lead-free paints and coatings. Our R&D team consisting of expert chemists and technicians, is working on modern solutions and developments in our laboratories. We monitor every step of the production to ensure the best quality in every pail. As a result we touch everything you see with perfect shades.

Thanks to the effective sales and marketing systems, the great demand has enabled our company to grow rapidly. Kardelen paint products are distributed and used in Central Asian countries, Middle East countries and the United States of America, as well as the domestic market, with the experience and know-how built up since 1996.


Start up of the company. Prodcution of water based and solvent based paints.

Widening our regional distribution line to country wide.

Entering export market

Promoting and distributing Aura brand products.

Developing industrial paints.

Organising the first of annual meetings at Topkapi Palace Hotel, Antalya.

Providing supplementary products with our brand name such as thinners, cover sheets, rollers and brushes.

Providing supplementary products with our brand name such as sprey paints, silicone, mastic and pu foam.

First visiting abroad with dealers and distributors.

Marketing insulating boards and materials.

Promoting and distributing Promax brand products

Promoting and distributing Briland brand products. Introduction of tinting system with dealers and distributors.

Improving our ceiling paint as a pioneer in the market.

Promoting Briland Exterior Paint guaranteed 20 years.

Our Mission

Providing consistent quality and availability  in our product range consisting of construction and industrial paints and supplementary products.

Contribution to national economy and employment by increasing our production potential..

Our Vision

Our main goal is to continue with a production approach that navigates consumer demands by using the most up-to-date production technologies. It is our fundamental commitment for yesterday, today and tomorrow to deliver the colors in their most natural form to our consumers through a healthy and high quality production process.

The beneficiaries of production will be our valuable business partners, customers and our country.