Our Quality Policy

Our approach is to respect for people, environment and life. Each of our products is the silent representative of our brand. A Kardelen product that reached the end user reflects the work of our entire team with its quality, colour, texture, performance after application and resistance to environmental conditions over the years.

In line with the vision of our company, our quality policy in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard is as follows:

  • Using the developing and up-to-date technologies; continuously increasing the product quality by closely following the developments in the sector; making a production that exceeds the customer expectations;
  • Producing the most appropriate, accurate and economical solutions in the fastest way, to prevent future non-compliances;
  • To be a reliable company with an understanding that meets the needs and expectations of the customer at the highest level;
  • To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment we live in by ensuring the continuity of our quality understanding in order to achieve our quality goals in line with our policy;
  • In line with our policy, to provide all necessary trainings for our employees to achieve our goals; to provide a suitable working environment and to be a family;
  • To contribute to the national economy with the quality of service we provide by increasing our experience and know-how;
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by our employee satisfaction and service quality;
  • To ensure maximum communication and efficiency with a system approach in process and management;
  • To ensure sustainability of continuous improvement on the basis of efficiency.
  • To provide an effective decision-making mechanism by involving employees and suppliers.
  • To impress leadership on all our employees with corporate management committed to strategies.

As management, we are committed to ensure the continuity of the quality management system.

Our Environmental Policy

We owe it to future generations.

While the most important agenda of the last 10 years is “Global Warming” and nature is raising its alarm level day by day, the approach of industrialists all over the world should be environmentally friendly production. “Stop!” we have to say. The important thing against the increasing market demands in developing cities, vehicles and living spaces is not what the producers offer, but how they produce it. While it is the duty of every individual to protect our planet, the responsibility of the industrialists is doubled in our opinion.

As Kardelen family, we act in accordance with both legal regulations and environmental awareness at every stage of our production. In line with the importance we give to the environment and human health, we produce our paints as LEAD-FREE.

In line with the vision of our company, our environmental policy in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard is as follows:

  • To ensure the protection of the environment by minimizing the internal and external factors affecting the environmental pollution,
  • Using resources effectively and rationally,
  • Applying recycling technology,
  • To organize environmental training and awareness activities inside and outside the company, to support such activities,
  • To ensure continuous improvement and development,
  • Fulfilling its obligations arising from existing laws,
  • Fulfilling compliance obligations,
  • To continuously improve the environmental management system in order to increase environmental performance,
  • To adopt and fulfill the requirements of the environmental management system in order to systematically and regularly provide environmental awareness in all fields of activity.

We are committed to fulfilling the requirements for our environmental policy.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Kardelen Co., we take the principle of “HEALTH AND SAFETY FIRST” as a basis in all our business processes. In order to protect the occupational health and safety of the employees and to continuously improve the working environment, our company undertakes to provide and maintain the following points;

  • To ensure that occupational health and safety risks are eliminated by taking precautionary measures;
  • To ensure continuous improvement in OHS issues;
  • To comply with the current legal legislation, administrative regulations and the rules of the organizations of which it is a member;
  • To provide trainings in order to ensure that both the direct company personnel and the subcontracted employees are aware of their individual OHS responsibilities;
  • Periodically reviewing the OHS Policy to maintain compliance with the requirements;
  • To mutually share the OHS experiences gained with public, private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations in order to ensure the continuous development of Occupational Health and Safety,

Our Human Resources Policy

We believe in the efficiency of team spirit.

As Kardelen Co., we believe that the basis of production is to create value. Our team consists of colleagues who are experts in their profession, highly motivated, and committed to creating added value.

Proper authorization and assignment of our teammates, protection of team spirit, performance orientation and equal work distribution are the most important principles of our work culture.

It is our main human resources policy to create a safe and healthy environment and to provide an open communication environment. We know that every job performed with physical or mental effort is a priceless value, first for the employee himself, then for his team and institution.