Aura Ceiling Paint


It is used on inner surfaces of building elements such as conventional coating, exposed concrete, brick, wallpaper, chipboard, plaster, plaster board and etc.


The product is water based, and it has high breathing capability. It has been formulated to have a high level of opacity. Its appearance is flat and smooth. It has a high opacity. Its adhesiveness is high and it does not swell or fall off.


Appearance: Flat, smooth
Chemical Structure: Acrylic copolymer emulsion.
Viscosity: 135 KU -140 KU at 70°C.
Thinner: Water.
Ph: 8-9
Recommended Application: 2 coats.
Dryingperiod: Full drying period is max. 24 hours, time to wait between two coats is min. 2 hours.


Surfaces to apply Aura Ceiling Paint should be endurable, dry, clean and able to carry the paint. Cracked or damaged surfaces should be fixed before application. It is recommended to use Kardelen Insulated Primer before applying on mineral based materials to be painted for the first time and absorbent surfaces such as lime wash. Application surfaces and ambient temperature should be between 5°C and 30°C. Aura ceiling paint is applied by using brush or roll.


It is recommended to thin at a ratio of 15-25 % depending on surface conditions with clean water including no other solvent or foreign material; and apply two coats of paint.o


Depending on absorption properties of the surface, with 1 kg Aura Ceiling Paint 6-8 m2 area, and with 1 liter, 12-15 m2 area can be painted.


20 kg, 18 kg, 10 kg, 3,5 kg, 1 kg Plastic Bucket


Storable for 1 years in cool and dry places away from direct sunlight between -5 and +30 °C with the lid tightly closed. Avoid freezing.


In compliance with TS 5808.

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