Solvent-free Epoxy Primer Floor Covering Set


It is safely used before finish application for covering certain parts of factories such as warehouses, parking lots and laboratories, and floors of working places such as hospitals and markets.


It is a reaction drying, epoxy resin based, solvent free, multi- purpose priming material with two components. The Epoxy Primer is resistant to sea water and chemicals, has good adhesion properties, does not change in volume after hardening, used for priming concrete, mineral, wooden, fiber surfaces and used for preparing epoxy based surface leveling mortars.


Appearance: Transparent (Epoxy resin color)
Solid matter: (in volume) (%): 62 ± 2 (mix)
Film thickness: apprx. 30 micron
Density: 1,0 ± 0,1 kg/lt (mix)
Brightness: gloss
Theoretical spreading: 22 m2/lt (in 30 micron dry film)
Drying Period: At 20°C, period to touch is 6 hours, dust keeping period is 12 hours, solid drying is 24 hours. For mechanical process, drying is completed in 4-6 days.


Application surfaces should be free of oil, dirt and moisture and sanded or roughen up. All repairs should be complete before application. Dew point should be monitored during the application and it should not be applied on humid and wet surfaces. Epoxy Primer and epoxy coating hardener should be mixed at correct ratios. After leaving for 5-10 minutes, it can be spread with a spatula or trowel. By moving a threaded roll on the coating, existing air bubbles should be removed and a uniform spreading should be ensured. In order to increase mechanical resistance of the coating, 0.2-0.3 mm grain sized sand may be added to the prepared mixture around 30-40%. Application thickness should be 2-3 mm. The prepared mixture should be used within 1 hour.


It is not recommended to add thinner.


Storable for 2 years in cool and dry places away from direct sunlight between -5 and +30 °C with the lid tightly closed. Avoid freezing.


10 kg paint + 10 kg hardener tin

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