Yacht Varnish


Kardelen yacht varnish is a gloss varnish which can be used on all kinds of wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors, for decorative and protective purposes, without changing the natural appearance of wood.


It is a gloss varnish consisting of urethane alkyd resin and special solvent combination. It is resistant to yellowing. Due to its transparent nature, the natural color of wood does not change. It saves labor and time due to its high spreadability.


Appearance: Gloss, Transparent
Chemical Structure: Urethane Modified Alkyd resin
Viscosity: 70–80 s.
Thinner: directly applied
Solid matter quantity: 30%
Flashing point: 40°C
Drying period: Period to touch: 1-2 hours, Period for keeping the dust away: 1-4 hours, solid drying period: 2-6 hours.


Surfaces to be applied with Kardelen Yacht Varnish should be cleared from oil and swollen remnants. New surfaces to be varnished should be saturated with Kardelen Wood Preservative. Kardelen Yacht Varnish can be applied with brush. 2 coats of Kardelen Yacht Varnish should be applied and at least 6 hours should pass between the coats. Applications should be done above + 5°C.


Kardelen Yacht Varnish is ready to apply with brush. For spray applications, it can be thinned with Kardelen Synthetic Thinner at a ratio of 15%


With 1 lt Kardelen Yacht Varnish, 12-15 m2 area can be painted in a single coat depending on the surface application.


Storable for 2 years in cool and dry places away from direct sunlight between -5 and +30 °C with the lid tightly closed. Avoid freezing.


12 lt, 2,2 lt 0,70 lt tin


Compliant with 8693

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