Silicone & Mastic & Foam


It is a moisture-curing, acetoxy-based silicone consisting of a single component. It is easy to apply. It is resistant to UV rays and high temperature. It maintains the color. It ensures excellent adhesion to nonporous surface. In general binding applications, it is used in bathroom, kitchen and other sanitary applications.


Siliconized acrylic mastic is an acrylic dispersion based, elastic sealant and insulation material, which is reinforced with silicone emulsion and consists of a single component. It has high adhesion capability. It consists of one component, is easy to apply with gun. It forms a waterproof layer after drying. It is paintable. It maintains its flexibility for a long time.


P.U. Foam is a polyurethane based sealant and insulation material which consists of one-component and is hardened by air moisture. It provides excellent adhesion to many building materials such as wood, concrete, tile, metal, aluminum. (except polyethylene, silicone and teflon). It ensures sound and heat insulation. After curing, it can be cut and painted. It has a high filling (expansion) capacity. It can be used as sealant for fixing door and window casings, their installation, filling openings and gaps and all roof constructions.

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