Solvent Based Epoxy Finishing Set


It can be used on all types of wooden, metal and mineral surfaces exposed to sea water, chemicals and erosion, on steel sheet, galvanized, aluminum, wood and mineral surfaces.


It is a resin based epoxy finish, with two components, reaction-dried and cured with polyamide hardener. It has a perfect adhesion and a resistance against chemicals. It is abrasion resistant.


Appearance: Gloss
Viscosity: (20 C, DIN 4 / s) 85 – 95 V°C (theoretical, g/L) 374
Solid matter quantity: (% weighted) 75±2
Brightness (Gloss): 80
Impact resistance (minimum, 70
Drying Period: to touch is 5-6 hours, chemical drying is 7 days.


Before application, surfaces shall be cleared from any dust, rust, oil. Loose swollen paints should be removed from surfaces. Uneven areas should be filled with epoxy putty and sanded. Metal surfaces should be coated with epoxy coating within 6 hours after sanding at least at Sa1 / 2. After the Primer dries (after 4-6 hours), finish can be applied.

Component A and Component B are mixed until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Scale mixing is recommended for paint + hardener. After mixing at indicated ratios, waiting period is 30 minutes for pre-reaction before application. Application temperature is min +5 °C / max + 35 °C. Recommended wet film thickness is 80-100 micron. Dry film thickness is 50-60 micron. Application should not be done around dew point. Application area should be well ventilated for proper drying. Humidity of the surface should not exceed 4%. Brush can be used in small areas. Bubble formation should be monitored for roll applications and light applications should be done with a soft long hair brush if required. Should air-mix Spray is used, nozzle diameter pressure should be 1,4-1,6 mm 3-4 bar.


Kardelen Cellulosic Thinner: Should be thinned at a ratio of %5-10.


Depending on the surface condition and application type, approximate consumptions is (m2/L): 7-8, (m2/kg): 5-6.


Storable for 2 years in cool and dry places away from direct sunlight between -5 and +30 °C with the lid tightly closed. Avoid freezing.


16 kg boya + 4 kg hardener tin

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