Solvent-Free Epoxy Finish Floor Covering Set


It is safely used for covering certain parts of factories such as warehouses, parking lots and laboratories, and floors of working places such as hospitals and markets.


It is a floor covering material which is not influenced by chemical substances applied to concrete and metal surfaces, is resistant to physical and chemical agents, easy to clean and has high mechanical strength. Coating surface can be smooth or rough as desired. Applied in 2.5-3 mm thickness.


Appearance: Gloss
Binder type: epoxy resin-Polyamine Hardener
Solid matter quantity: (in weight) (%): 96 ± 1
Solid matter: (in volume) (%):9 4 ± 1
Heat Resistance: (Dry) (° C): 140
Opacity (Practical): 2.5-3 kg / m2 (2.5-3 mm dry film thickness)
Mixing Ratio (Weight): 1st
Component: 80 / 2nd
Component: 20 (Hardener)
Mixture Life (20°C): 1 hour (for 1 kg mixture)
Dry film thickness obtained with a single coat: 2.5 – 3 mm Density (g/ml) (20°C):1.45 ± 0.10
Drying period: (20°C – Max. %85 relative humidity) first drying: 1-2 hours drying: 12 hours, full hardening: 7 days


Application surfaces should be free of oil, dirt and moisture. Kardelen Solvent Free Epoxy Primer should be applied on concrete surfaces and coating material should be applied after 24 hours of drying. The 1st and 2nd components are mixed with each other in compliance with the mixture ratio. After leaving for 5-10 minutes, it can be spread with a spatula or trowel. By moving a threaded roll on the coating, existing air bubbles should be removed and a uniform spreading should be ensured. In order to increase mechanical resistance of the coating, 0.2-0.3 mm grain sized sand may be added to the prepared mixture around 30-40%. Application thickness should be 2-3 mm. The prepared mixture should be used within 1 hour.


It is not recommended to add thinner.


Storable for 2 years in cool and dry places away from direct sunlight between -5 and +30 °C with the lid tightly closed. Avoid freezing.


16 kg paint + 4 kg hardener tin

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