Varnish Wood Preservative


It is a decorative wood preservative used on old or new wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors.


With a special combination of alkyd resin and pigment, it forms a protective surface on wood. Special pigments contained in it provide excellent protection against harmful sun rays. Due to harmless additives to human health, it prevents rotting of wood and reproduction of the organisms that deteriorate the structure. It prevents water ingress into wooded structure. It prevents the paint from cracking and peeling.


Appearance: Colored-Transparent
Chemical Structure: Alkyd resin
Viscosity: 10–12s.
Thinner: Directly applied without thinning.
Solid matter quantity: 24% – 25%
Recommended Application: 2–3 coats (wait for 8 hours between the coats
Drying period: Solid drying period is 12 hours.


Kardelen Varnish Wood Preservative is ready to use. It is recommended to mix thoroughly before application. Previously painted surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned, new surfaces to be painted for the first time should be freed from contemination such as resin, sandpaper dust and etc. Humidity of the application surface should be below 18%. Application should be done above +5°C. Kardelen Varnish Wooden Preservative should be applied on the surface at least in 2 coats. With the varnish additive in it, it has a glossy appearance. For a more glossy appearance, Yacht Varnish should be applied on.


With 1 lt Kardelen Varnish Wood Preservative, 12-16 m2 area can be painted depending on surface conditions.


Storable for 2 years in cool and dry places away from direct sunlight between -5 and +30 °C with the lid tightly closed. Avoid freezing.


12 lt, 2,2 lt 0,70 lt tin

Transparent, Light oak, Dark oak, Walnut, Forest green, Ebony

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