Kardelen Acrylic Grainy Coating


It is applied on plaster, exposed concrete, brick, aerated concrete, bush-hammered concrete, scattered and other mineral surfaces, acrylic or silicate paints that can carry themselves, damaged plaster and defected surfaces, for the purpose of providing patterns or decoration.


Due to its water-based special formula and acrylic binders it exhibits high water and moisture resistance. It forms an elastic, endurable coating and a thick layer on the application surface. It covers surface defects easily. Due to special pigments, colors neither fade nor get yellow.


Appearance: Flat appearing and textured pattern
Chemical Structure: Acrylic copolymer emulsion.
Viscosity: greater than 140 KU
Thinner: Water
Ph: 8-9
Solid matter quantity: 74%-76%
Recommended Application: Single coat
Drying period: Full drying period is max. 24 hours, waiting time between the Primer and paint is min. 12 hours.


Application surfaces should be durable, clean, dry and able to carry itself. New plastered surfaces should be left to dry for 2-4 weeks. If there are not big cracks and exposed concrete defects on the surface, paint can be applied. If there is any defects or damages on the surface, necessary repairs should be made with Kardelen Acrylic Putty. It is also recommended to apply Kardelen Exterior Primer prior to application of finishes for surfaces with high absorbency. After applying a homogenous coat of Kardelen texture, it is leveled with a patterned roll from the top to bottom. Applying in the same direction is important. Too many applications may cause the pattern to be distorted. In order to maintain a standard pattern, necessary conditions should be provided to prevent sudden water loss of the material. During the application, surface and air temperature should be between +5°C and 30°C. Application under wind and direct sunlight should be avoided.


It is recommended to thin at a ratio of 0-5 % depending on surface conditions with clean water including no other solvent or foreign material; and apply one coat.


Depending on absorption properties of the surface, with 1 kg Kardelen Acrylic Grainy Coating 0.7-1.0m2 area can be painted.


Storable for 1 years in cool and dry places away from direct sunlight between -5 and +30 °C with the lid tightly closed. Avoid freezing.


25 kg Plastic Bucket


Compliant with TS 7847

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